Collection: The Epic of Opera Videos

 These recorded webinars were eight live Zoom sessions that took place over two weeks (June 7, 2020 to June 20, 2020) addressing the subject of opera itself: What is it? Why is it the way it is? How did it become that way? What can be gained from engaging with it that can’t be gained elsewhere? Each session was an hour long and comprised of three 20-minute components.

  • A multi-media presentation by author, lecturer, and Metropolitan Opera commentator William Berger.
  • A chat with one (or two) major opera stars, offering their perspective on the diverse elements of opera. Meet our Guests!
  • An interactive time with the featured opera star, with questions and subjects prompted by the attendees.

Links are provided for further reading and watching, along with recommended playlists (a Spotify account is needed). It’s important to clarify, however, that this is not a group listening session comparing, say, the styles of Callas and Tebaldi. When our playlists include a Callas or a Tebaldi and others, it will be in order to illustrate the mechanics of the art form itself.  (This will not be a forum for snark and diva battles. There are other on-line destinations for that.) 

Each session also recommends a theme-appropriate “Featured Cocktail” devised by notable musical mixologists, and emphasizing that these were a social and artistic event, as well as an educational one. See our Mixologist Information Page.

Videos are available for download only and are not available to be streamed.

Videos are meant for home entertainment use only. No part of the video can be posted, sold, or used for other means without prior permission.

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