Opera and Film with William Berger

Opera and Film with William Berger

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     This webinar is eight live Zoom sessions over two weeks in the beginning of August (August 2nd thru the 15th). We’ll be going way beyond operas ON film and operatic soundtracks IN films to look at how the narrative techniques of some of Europe’s greatest storytellers became building blocks for the great modern storytellers of the world – how, in essence, the Opera House became the Movie Theater.

     Each session will be an hour long and comprised of three 20-minute components:

  • The first component is a multi-media presentation by author, lecturer, and Metropolitan Opera commentator William Berger.
  • The next component is a chat with one or two (or three) major stars of opera and the film world and beyond, offering their perspective on the diverse elements of their fields.
  • Finally, there will be an interactive time with the featured guests, with questions and subjects prompted by the attendees.

     Here are some of the guests already confirmed (all guests are subject to change): 

  • Opera stars: Larry Brownlee, Joseph Calleja, Alice Coote, Stephen Costello, Justino Díaz, Susan Graham, Quinn Kelsey, and Isabel Leonard
  • Diverse luminaries: Michael Cooper (NY Times critic), Holly Goldberg Sloan (author, screenwriter, and director), Phil Jiménez (comics artist and writer), Muffie Meyer (director), Nico Muhly (composer), Jessica Pimentel (singer/actor), Gary Rosen (screenwriter and film historian), Alex Ross (author and New Yorker columnist), and Du Yun (composer) 

     This is a social and artistic event, as well as an educational one, so fire up your largest monitor available, grab snacks (we’ll recommend some of our favorite movie munchies and refreshments each episode), and settle in for a rousing discussion!
     There will also be links provided for further reading and watching that will expand the conversation even after the webinar ends.

     See here for specific information about how links will be provided for viewing and a word about our Codes of Conduct: Technical Information. 

     Scroll down on the HOMEPAGE to see the dates, times, and description of each session!

     Recordings of the sessions will be available for free to those who purchase a subscription, in the case you miss a live broadcast...