Technical Instructions and Code of Conduct for Across the Magic Fire

 Once your subscription to "Across the Magic Fire: The Mystical Convergence of Opera and Metal" has been purchased, you will get a confirmation email confirming your payment, and then another email containing a link to download a Word document that will have the Zoom link, Meeting ID, and Password for the session. Please note the date and time!

You do not need a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting. You will be prompted to download what you need once you have clicked on the link that will be provided, or go to Zoom at the given time and click on "Join a Meeting" and enter the Room ID and Password that will also be provided in the Word doc. You may wish to create an account at that time, but that is not required to participate in a Zoom meeting. 

You could also go to Zoom and sign up for free account now. Why not?

So, at the given date and time, click on the provided link in the Word doc. This will take you to the Zoom room! Or, go to Zoom on the web (or open your previously downloaded software) and click on "Join a Meeting" to enter the Meeting ID and Password.

If you do not receive the confirmation emails with the Word document to download, please write to us at and we can furnish you with the links you'll need. We can not be responsible for you missing the series if you have not received this confirmation email AND have not tried to reach us.

But first, make sure you've checked your spam filters to see if our mail has landed there! If it has, make sure to move it to your inbox so it is not automatically deleted. Also, make sure you save the downloaded Word document in a place on your computer you can find easily, so that you can access it at a later time with no problem.

A Bit About our Code of Conduct While Visiting Across the Magic Fire:

You should remain on mute. No sound is allowed for individuals besides the hosts and guests.

--Anyone who unmutes their connection will be re-muted by our moderator. If it continues, you will be bounced from the meeting with no refund.

We will be recording each session, so if that is a problem and you want to hide your identity, do not use your full name when logging into the room and turn off video (which is a setting at the bottom of the Zoom room).

No abusive language or hostile intentions will be tolerated in the Meeting.

Questions will only be taken using the “Q & A” function and will be moderated by a producer throughout.

We wish to foster an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves, learn, and participate. Have fun! 

If you have any other questions, please email us at!

We look forward to seeing you at "Across the Magic Fire" with William Berger!


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